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Family Portrait! ShelLed Hoops, LED hoops, Dance hoops, Exercise hoops
Family Portrait!

So a little bit about us. Me and Joe are big music fans! We actually met because Joe needed a ride to a Phish concert back in like 2003 I was in that ride. We were friends for about 4 years, dated for several more years, and then Joe proposed to me during a Furthur concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas …during ‘Standing on the Moon’. We got married on 10-6-12. So yeah…point of this piece of the story is that music is a huge part of who we are both as individuals, as a couple, and as a company.

We’ve been selling led hoops for about 5 years or so now. We started out selling them on the road at concerts and festivals but the hoop business has now become Joe’s full-time job. He can do just about anything from plumbing to house building & installing pools but he hurt his back so we’ve been working to build up this business for him/us. I have my masters degree in chemistry and worked for a couple years testing water/soil samples during the day, and did hoop taping and customer service on nights and weekends….but then i had a beautiful baby boy (Angelo) on 2-15-15. I am currently still out of work and trying hard to build up this business more so that i do not have to rush back to an 8-5 lab job. With everything i do for this business, cooking, cleaning, my dogs and now my baby…i do not see how i could find the time for all of it if i was in the lab again. We also do not get out to the concerts like we used to now that we have the baby, so building up and expanding our online business is more important now than ever before.

As a business, we know how important each customer is to our continuing growth. We love customizing each and every hoop ordered so that it is perfectly suited for the buyer, whether it be just customizing the tubing/size preferences on one of our signature designs, or customizing the whole light pattern. I love working with customers and answering any questions i can along their buying process, and i enjoy collaborating to help come up with that perfect pattern too. We keep our quality high and our prices low (I was a broke girl without an led hoop once too).  In summary, our hoops are made with love and Built to Last!

We would also gladly welcome anyone interested in wholesale options for larger orders if you would like to work some ShelLED hoops on your festival/fair or other adventures!