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Creative Expression with Hoop Dance and the Throat Chakra

open and balance the throat chakra
                             Heather Doxtater- author of the Chakra series


Dancing with a hula hoop is the expression of creativity through movement. This connects with the Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha in sanskrit, as this energy center deals with communication and self expression. The art of dance is the communication of one’s body with the audience and environment. A hula hoop becomes a useful tool to allowing this expression is flourish with ease.

A free flowing Throat Chakra is essential for a hoop dancer. Hoop Dance is the equivalent to a philosophy on life. It is the religion of movement and some people will either make it their whole life (yup, that’s me) or just pass it off as a few happy experiences. If the former, then one has high passionate energy related to hula hooping. This expression is facilitated through a well balanced Vishuddha.

One tends to be highly critical in the case of a off balanced Throat Chakra. This criticism stems from a poor attitude and uncertainty of one self. A person with poor energy flow in this Chakra center will have an inability to express self awareness and one’s own truth. This energy center is the most noticed because it is related to the communication of our mouth and throat area.

There are many things to do if you feel that your Throat Chakra is showing signs of weak or overpowered energetic flow. Here are a few suggestions:

– Bring back self awareness through meditation.
– During a meditation session imagine an aura of healing blue light surround your body.
– Write poetry or free form prose to truly express feelings
– Go check out HoopSmiles video on neck hooping on YouTube

With a proper tool, such as the hula hoop, one can find a way to creatively express their inner thoughts through movement. Take a peek at ShelLED Hoops store and pick out the right creative tool for you or a friend.

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