Design Your Own Sparkle Hula Hoop


Custom design your own Sparkle hoop!



Design your own hula hoop!

Design your own hoop! Choose one sparkle color! Choose up to 3 electric tape colors, or mix some gaffers tape in there! I can criss cross or just keep it all in one direction. I’d be happy to help you work out a design if you want to write me!

The intermediate/trick hoops are made with 1/2″ id PE tubing. They are a really great hoop to advance to once you have the basics of hooping down and want to learn more dance/trick moves. They have a really nice weight to it for this purpose, they are heavier than polypro or HDPE day hoops but much lighter than the beginner hoops. These hoops will be made at about a 35-36″ diameter. If you would like a custom size please fill out the form at checkout page.

They collapse down to about a quater of their original size for each shipping and traveling! There is a blog post and video showing how to collapse and uncollapse the hoops.

Additional information

Hoop Size

Standard, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36

Diameter Measurement

Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter


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