Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective Hoop


These hoops do not glow to the naked eye, they glow when a light source is on them, like a camera flash, or lights from a concert!


This hoop is so cool In action, the pictures don’t do it justice. When asked to create this design I actually thought it was sort of boring until I saw how cool the trailing in the videos was!

It is red reflective tape and then alternating segments of green and yellow reflective tape. I will get a YouTube video uploaded soon, or follow our sponsee @michelemccoy on IGb

The hoop doesn’t technically glow to the naked eye, although it does glisten in the sunlight, especially since its UV reactive. You get the intense glow when the camera flash or other light source is on the hoop. But even as a day hoop, the combination of the color morph over the uv is just gorgeous…it looks gold at some angles, and then the red/green look at others! Its certainly a unique one! !

Clear tape is included in every purchase, The glitter tape is pretty durable on its own if you prefer not to have four tape layers just let me know and i will leave it with the 3 layers. But unless you tell me not to i will clear coat your pretty hoop.

And i can add gaffers/grip tape to the inside edge or in a spiral if you would like me to, at no additional charge. Just leave me this note and what color you would like in order notes!

Upon checkout, please specify the following:
HDPE or Polypro
5/8, 3/4 (please check the box for this size!), or 7/8(HDPE only) tubing
Hoop(s) diameter (If you choose “Other” please add your preference in the NOTES at checkout!)
Tape preferences
  All hoops are measured by inner diameter. Please see our FAQ section for more information, including warranty and repairs.

Additional information

Tubing type

HDPE, Polypro

Hoop Size

Standard, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, Other

Tube Size

5/8, Other

Diameter Measurement

Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter


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