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Never Doubt Yourself – Everyone Can Hula Hoop!

By Anna Kovash, Sep 4 2015 12:42AM

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Anna Kovash brings words of wisdom to hoopers!

Growing up I never remember being good at anything. It’s really hard going through life being mediocre. I have always been plus sized and uncomfortable. After awhile I think I stopped trying. Disappointment in not excelling in anything just made me protect myself.

When a friend of mine came back from a local campground with a hula hoop, I teased a little I think because I was envious. She was only waist hooping and just practicing putting it on her body. I never knew you could do anything else. Later she enlightened me to the fact a mutual friend also hooped. I asked her to show me one day. I was entranced at the things I saw her do with a hoop. I never thought I could do anything close to that but I accepted a hoop from her to practice. I realized I still couldn’t waist hoop, but I started getting other things she had showed me. I caught on faster than I expected. Never experiencing this before, it sparked an amazing inspiration to learn.

Hooping has taught me to never doubt myself.Two years later I was able to waist hoop and do things I couldn’t have imagined when I first started. And now at four years later I can hoop all over on body and have stamina that surpasses friends much smaller then me. I am very proud of myself and where I have come because of hula hooping. The very same thing I teased my friend for. Life is ironic sometimes.