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Chakra Energy Alignment and Balance with Hula Hoop Dance

“How did you get in touch with your flow?”

Does this question sound familiar? Or maybe you have studied endless hours of hooping videos trying to find the super secret answer to this seemingly seamless dance. The answer is pretty simple and it has to deal with the energy centers of our body, called Chakras.

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Get in touch with your flow

Chakra alignment and balance is the reason why hoop dancers are vibrant, happy, and willing to share their zest for life. These energy centers are an intrinsic property of every body of existence. Also, everything that exists has a torus of flowing energy. From plants to animals to planets and even the whole universe is run on this torus of energy flow. In order to fully understand this invisible force we will have to explain a few things about chakras, energy movement through the chakras, and how this pertains to the hoop.

The Seven Chakras

The word Chakra [ chuhk -r uh ] comes from the Indian Sanskrit language meaning disk or wheel. There are said to be many chakras beyond our physical knowledge that extend into the spiritual realm but for the purposes of this article, we will focus only on the 7 main chakras. These 7 chakras start at the base of your spine and continue upward all the up to above the crown of your head. The sanskrit names starting from the base are as follows; Muladhara (root), Svadhisthana (sacral), Manipura (navel), Anahata (heart), Vishuddha (throat), Anja (third-eye), and Sahaswara (crown).


Chakra Meanings

” I am, I feel, I do”

Muladhara is also known as the root or base chakra. It is the energy center that governs the fear factor in our lives. When this chakra is fully opened it helps us feel secure and at peace with our physical being.

Svadhisthana is the energy center that relates to sex, emotions, and creation. I believe all hoopers understand this energy center the best because we start hooping at this level or our waist.

Manipura also known as the solar plexus or navel chakra is the energy disk of confidence and empowerment.

” I am love”

Anahata is the heart chakra and the energy center that opens up compassion for the self. Also known as the love chakra it is the connection between the body and spirit.

“I speak, I see, I know”

Vishuddha, better known as the throat chakra, is center that fosters communication. In order to get what you want in life it is important to speak your truth.

Anja is the energy center that focuses on intuitive feelings and is known as the Third-Eye.

Sahaswara is the crown chakra and is the energy center that governs the spiritual self and its connection to the spiritual world and beyond.

As stated before, these are the 7 chakras that most people will focalize and become aware of when first entering into the world of energy. Aligning and opening these energy centers makes an incredible difference in ones life. The ancient belief of energy flow, or life force, through the center of your body has spilled over into western ways of thinking and has opened up the knowledge of balancing all systems of the body.

Physiological, psychological, and emotional systems should be relatively balanced, or in homeostasis, in order for the whole body and spirit to freely flow throughout the body. I believe most hoop dancers become aware of these systems once the hula hoop becomes the tool for their energetic alignment.

Flow of Energy Through Open Chakras

I like to describe the energy centers as a series of combustions like that of an engine in a car. In order for an engine to move, a vehicle it must take in gas, change the properties of the gas, and then give it to the engine to rotate the connected wheels. You can not have any interruptions of combustion or the car will stop moving on the road. It is much more complicated in explanation but the gist is about the same with energy flow through the chakras.

Energy can only be passed on from one chakra to another if the chakra above it is open and ready to accept energy from the lower chakra. Any blockages in one of these chakras is a direct indication of what is plaguing your personal development in life. This ties in self awareness to detect any imbalances in the body. As a hoop dancer, I know we are able to feel these blockages as we are constantly reinvigorating the energetic flow with our dances and allow the torus to flow freely throughout or physical and etherial bodies.

Vortex Me Up

Let me talk to any hoop dancer who is in touch with their flow and they will say how much they love to share their passions in life. Yes, there are instances of the ‘bad seed’ hoop dancer but it is so rare that I have come to feel the most accepted as a person in the hoop community. We, as dancers, use our hoop as a tool to better ourselves and continue to seek and be our higher self. It is meditation through movement.

The positive connections made and the love that is shared with beginner to advanced hoopers has brought together a community of beautiful light souls. So the next time you do a hoop trick, or see another hoop dancer perform, try and notice the the energetic flow and become one with it. I picked up the hoop 3 years ago for a reason – to inspire others to reflect their light. And I think it’s working.

That being said, don’t forget to check out Michelle’s ShelLED hoop shop and find the hula hoop that will synchronize the energy centers in your life. You’ve only got one life to live. Make it count.


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