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Sacral Chakra Balance in Hoop Dance

chakra opening and balancing
Heather Doxtater – author of Chakra series

Hoop dancer or not, the Sacral Chakra is the energy center that governs our creativity, personal relationships, and the passion for feeling alive! This Chakra also is the center that focuses on addictions and self control. If you are feeling stifled in your creative expression, are having issues with control or harboring any emotional instability, it is time to balance your Sacral Chakra. There are plenty of ways to restore your energetic equilibrium including using a hula hoop!

Now that you have cleared your Root Chakra from reading the Muladhara entry in the Chakra Alignment in Hoop Dance series, it is time to re-invigorate or calm the energetic force of the Svadhistana Chakra. Excess energy in a chakra center is just as damaging as too little energy. One must be mindful of the Sacral Chakra as it is the Center that also encompasses our sexual organs which are the tools used in creation. In turn, the second chakra is the magnet that attracts the people you manifest in your life.
Here are a few things you can try out to help balance out the Sacral Chakra:

– Dance and ‘Hoop it out’ like no one is watching with a custom PE taped hoop from the shop.
– Meditate and imagine yourself surrounded in an Orange Aura of light. Orange is the color associated with this Chakra.
– Call out to your divine feminine energy to reawaken your creative mind.
– Essential oils, from flowers such as Jasmine and Rose, will aid in the re-balancing of energy flow

The Sacral Chakra is the most powerful energy center of the body. One will feel open to express emotions when in balance with the other chakras. This expression leads to the creative self to flourish and connect with the rest of the world.
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