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How to Open and Close Your Collapsible Hula Hoops

While we do make several non-collapsible hoops as well, we really only bring those along to sell at vending events. Every hoop that we sell online we make collapsible so that it is cheaper and easier to ship…and of course easier for you to take the hoops along with you wherever you go.

The taped daytime hula hoops made with PE tubing (beginner hoops, workout hoops, intermediate/dance hoops, and kids hoops) are all collapsible by the figure 8 style, also known as infinite style collapsible. The following video shows you how to fold and unfold this type of collapsible hula hoop.


All of our LED hoops, and all of the lightweight polypro and HDPE daytime hula hoops are collapsible by a push button mechanism. So instead of folding them up to collapse like those other ones, these hoops are coil down collapsible. You open the hoop up at the push button connections and coil it down smaller. The following video shows you how we do this.



With either style of collapsible hoop, they are not intended to stay collapsed for long periods of time. You should always store your hoops in their full form. The longer they are left collapsed, the actual circle shape of the hoop will be harder to achieve. Then again, if you are using them as much as they should be this won’t be an issue at all!