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Balancing the Base (Root) Chakra with Hoop Dance


chakra balancing
 Heather Doxtater – author of Chakra Series


The art of Hoop Dance is another way to create a sacred space for your mind, body and spirit. To find balance in hoop dancing will greatly enhance the state of your flow. In order to build integrity in your foundation, one must focus on balancing the most important chakra, the base Chakra. This is where we will start to understand our connection with the hoop.

The base chakra, also known as Muladhara in sanskrit, is the energy center that connects you to this physical world. This base or root chakra is important because like any integral structure, the base will determine the balance of the rest of the building. Balance of the base structure you will help you feel calm, secure and confident. Your relationships, finances, and career will be on point and life will flow freely through the days.

 When the base chakra is unbalanced, one will experience laziness, disconnection from reality, have major self doubts and are unable to keep clear boundaries. As a hoop dancer, whenever you feel out of touch with your flow, you need to balance your Root Chakra. Lucky for us, we have the perfect tool to help us balance it all out.

Here are a few suggestions to help balance your root chakra:

– Wear Red or Brown as these colors are associated with the Muladhara.
– Use mindful Meditation clear any blockages or an over active chakra
– Garden or lose yourself in nature by sitting in a patch of grass
– Head on over to the ShelLED shop and check out my favorite LED hoop for balancing this chakra which is the Desert Dawn

I recommend all hoop dancers to start from the beginning because the base chakra is the most important energy center. It is the foundation that allows you to be you. Be aware of what that means to you by putting focus on your base chakra today.