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The All-Seeing Third Eye Chakra and Hoop Dance

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                             Heather Doxtater – author of the Chakra series


The Third Eye Chakra is the energy center located in the center of the forehead. It governs the ultimate understanding of one’s awareness of self and external environment. A hoop dancer will benefit from a balanced Ajna, the Sanskrit name of this energy center, because he/she will know AND understand the why of our inner guidance.

A balanced Third Eye is notable in people with a deep compassion for others and their selves through intuition. The Chakra allows a person to see past their own emotional response to observe a situation without personal judgement. A hula hoop is the perfect tool for aligning this energy center as it helps a person focus on the present moment.

On the other hand, if this energy center is unbalanced, a person will miss subtle warning signals and seem to be constantly down on their luck. This is due to expectation of outcomes and the disappointment that follows them. A weak Ajna will show up as distraction from worry of past and future situations instead of focusing on what is happening right in front of them.

It takes many years of mindful practice to understand and feel comfortable with this energy center but here are a few suggestions on how to get started in the arena of hula hoop dancing:

– Join the Infinite Circles FaceBook group to connect with other hoopers to fine tune your energetic flow.
– Take a peek at the ShelLED Hoop shop to find out which hula hoop is calling out to you.
– Meditate at least once a day to focus on personal feelings and learn to look past them
– Start a crystal healing collection by going to a local Mineral and Rocks store to help stabilize all chakras

When this energy center is in balance, a person is able to see past their own emotional response and to listen to their own inner guidance. As a hoop dancer, one should learn to balance all the lower chakras before attempting to open the Ajna. Self awareness is a must for artists of all trades.

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