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The Selflessness of the Crown Chakra and Hoop Dance

chakra opening
                                   Heather Doxtater- author of Chakra series


The Crown Chakra is the energy center that transcends ego. It is the direct connection with the Source of the Universe and shows a person that everything is connected to each other. The Sahasrara, the name of this Chakra in Sanskrit, is a powerful center as it is pure spiritual wisdom. Hula hoop dance is another form of meditation that raises the awareness of this deep connection.

An open and balanced Crown Chakra will bring forth answers that are beyond our own thoughts of duality such as good and evil. A person that is completely balanced in all Seven Chakras will find joy in love and acceptance.

The unbalanced Sahasrara will show up in a person as confusion and depression. The person will feel insignificant and will have a fear of being alone. This all leads to selfish feelings and a bad attitude toward life.

We have no room to be selfish as a hoop dancer. The passion, that is fueled by the hula hoop, becomes a roaring creative fire and opens up one’s eyes to the opportunities presented before him/her.

Here are a few things to try out if one is feeling disconnected with self and the diviine:

– Go on an unplanned adventure (to a safe and known area) to let go and trust yourself
– Get crafty and create something from a tutorial you’ve had your eye on from Pinterest
– Be selfless and give back to your community by volunteering your time
– Consider purchasing a hoop such as the Eyes of the World LED that lights up YOUR world.

The Crown Chakra is the most sacred of energy centers because it connects our body and mind with the spirit of Universe. Once we let go of the ego we are able to adapt to new situations and to bring forth imagination and wisdom.

If you haven’t already, go back and start from the beginning to learn about all of the Chakras with the positivity of Hoop Dance.