Midnight/Moonlight Mini/POI LED Hoops


I love these!! I’ve been thinking about this design for some time now… in this version we break up the two hoops as Midnight (the blue one) and Moonlight (the yellow/white one)…. we can do both minis in one pattern if you prefer you just have to tell us in order comment*Upon ordering you have the choice for the ‘mini’ pair or the ‘twin pair’. The difference is the number of leds per hoop.

The MINI pair will come with 2 batteries (1 for each hoop) and one charger…12 LEDS

The TWIN pair will come with 4 batteries, one charger, and velcro to collapse the hoops..20 LEDs or as many as we can fit without having battery gap… Some smaller sizes end up getting 18 lights each.

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The pair will come with 2 batteries (1 for each hoop) and one charger. As with all of our LED hoops they come with velcro straps to collapse, and with a warranty on any electrical issue. Water damage is not covered, but i’ve used mine in rain several times so they are quite safe in some rain. You don’t want to store in wet/moist places or submerge in water. Tubing condition is not covered, but if you break/kink your tubing we we gladly re-tube for you for 20 dollars plus return shipping. This is pretty rare in general, but if you are concerned than HDPE is the better tubing choice for durability…it is extremely durable!

Additional information

Tubing Type

HDPE, Polypro

Hoop Size

20, 22, 23, 24, 25, Standard

Tube Size

3/4, 5/8

Diameter Measurement

Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter