Sun Kissed Weighted Hula Hoop




The workout hoops are made with 3/4″ id 160 psi tubing at about a 37-39″ diameter. Using this 160 psi tubing (versus the 100 psi used for ‘beginner hoops’)  adds a little extra weight to the hoop. Really any type of hoop provides a great workout, but most people prefer a nice heavy hoop for maximum core exercise. These hoops are better for your body than overly heavy water weighted hoops, and easier to keep up since water weighted ones throw off the hoops balance

These hoops conveniently collapse down infinite style into about a quarter of their original size! There’s a post and a video in the ‘blog’ section to show you how this works!

Want a hoop but do not like these colors? I’d be happy to customize one for you….there’s a special listing to design your own.

Additional information

Hoop Size

37, 38, 39, Standard

Diameter Measurement

Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter


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