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Balancing Your Heart Chakra Through Hula Hoop Dance

open heart chakra
Heather Doxtater- author of Chakra Series


In the midst of flow, a hoop dancer has their heart chakra open and appears to be ‘unstuck’ or ‘unbeaten’. This is the literal meaning of the Sanskrit term for the Heart Chakra, or Anahata. This Chakra is the connection between the lower Chakras of the body and the higher Chakras of the mind.

A person with a well balanced Heart Chakra will be compassionate and can forgive people with ease. This Chakra is the energy center that deals with out our fear of betrayal leading to jealous feelings that destroy relationships.

It is of utmost importance that a hoop dancer’s heart chakra be in balance with the rest of the chakras.

When hooping, a person is pushing out a tremendous amount of energy from their dance. This energy is so powerful that many people become captivated by this constant energy flow and unknowingly take some of it into their own being. As hoop dancers we must be aware of the type of energy we put out into the Universe.

There are several things you can do to balance your Heart Chakra:

-Find a space out in nature to meditate and make peace with your past hurts of your emotional self.
-Wear green clothing to surround yourself in the color associated with the Anahata
-Imagine a green light washing over your body and emanating love onto yourself
-Put some groove into your dance by getting yourself a ‘One Love’ LED hula hoop from the shop!

Since the fourth Chakra is the connection between the body and the mind, it is important for hoop dancers to align their energy. When in balance this Chakra will allow a person to give love to self and to others.

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