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How to Survive an Event with Your LED Hoop

led hoops at festival
Sponsored Hooper Kiani gives some good advice for bringing your precious LED hoop around with you


I see questions about this all the time. You’re going to a concert, a bar or a party and you want to bring your hoop but you’re a little iffy. Is it the right kind of venue? Are hoops allowed? What if someone asks to use it? How do I make sure my LED stays charged? How do I make sure it doesn’t get stolen? These are all good questions and situations you should prepare for before taking your hoops public!


Are hula hoops allowed?

The first thing to figure out is if hoops are even allowed at the venue your attending. A lot of indoor places, especially when the show is sold out, don’t allow hula hoops because of space. A venue I’ve hooped at previously denied my hoop for RL Grime once because the show was sold out. Usually the prohibited items list will tell you if hoops are allowed. If it doesn’t or you are just unsure, you can usually ask the event Facebook page and someone will give you a correct answer, and if not, try calling the venue. If you’re still unsure, just bring your hoops along and leave them in the car if they aren’t allowed!


How do I make sure my LED doesn’t die before the night/festival is over?
If your hoop has the ability to change the battery, you’re in luck. Invest in a few batteries, the possibilities are endless.  If your hoop doesn’t have replaceable batteries, figure out how long your battery usually lasts and budget out the time accordingly. Some hoops, like the atomic evoke, have lights that show you your battery life.
For multiple day events, especially camping events, keeping your hoop charged can be a little difficult. Some festivals have charging stations. You could plug your hoop in and hoop to the side with another hoop while you watch it charge. If you have your car available, you could also invest in a car charger. My favorite choice though is to bring a small generator. It keeps our phones, hoops, speakers and other led things charged all weekend!

Smart hoops often do not have replaceable batteries. I suggest investing in a festival hoop, like from ShelLED Hoops for events. They’re more durable, cheaper and have replaceable batteries. You don’t have to worry as much as you would about breaking your $400 smarthoop.
(Get one from ShelLED Hoop’s Shop and use my code HOOPKITTY for 10% off.)


What if someone asks to use my LED hoop?
Well, that depends. Are you willing to let others use your hoop? Last weekend I witnessed a friend let someone borrow her Phoenix and it snapped in half as she did a wedgie. After that, I will never let someone borrow my Evoke. But I am ok with others borrowing my LED from ShelLED hoops because it’s more durable and easier to fix if broken.
When someone asks to borrow my smarthoop, I tilt my head, give them an apologetic look and say, “this hoop is REALLY expensive.” Usually they back off and say I understand. I’ve never had a problem! People are usually deterred from using expensive things.
If you are ok with others using your hoop, a good way to keep it safe from sneaky, stealing strangers is to ask for collateral. Ask them if you can hold their phone or their keys, something of equal value so they can’t just run off with your hoop.


How do I keep my LED hoop safe? 
It can be a little nerve wracking to bring your LED to an event where you may get a little intoxicated and there’s a lot of people also intoxicated; intoxicated people can do stupid stuff. Never set your hoop down, even for a second. Getting a drink? Bring your hoop. Using the bathroom? Hang your hoop on the coat/purse hook(turn it on and it’s a great light in dark porta potties). Standing up to dance but don’t wanna use your hoop? Dance inside of it or at least behind it so you can keep an eye on it.
Non-hoopers don’t realize how expensive or important a hula hoop can be. They just see a plastic circle and they’re drunk and want to play with it. Treat your hoop like its the amount it’s worth in a wad of cash you have to carry around. Don’t be that person who’s hoop was stolen because they “set it down for just a second.”


What if people think I’m weird for bringing my hoop?
From my experience, if you bring your LED anywhere, you’re automatically the coolest person there. If you see some girls smirking in the corner, they’re just jealous because you’re getting all the attention. You can do something they can’t do and they will be amazed.

So bring your hoops if you feel comfortable! I can guarantee you will have the time of your life. After all, an LED hoop is the best party partner!